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No Reality

In the beginning, there was reality.... Then we trashed that whole idea and went with chaos and lunacy instead. We felt it would be more fun that way.

On the first day, we created an account system to keep players more organized... And it was good.

On the second day, we created a new kind of auction system, never seen before in MUDs... And it was good.

On the third day, we created speedwalk and multi-commands... And it was good, but the players wanted more! So, on the fourth day, we created clans so that players could congregate.

On the fifth day, we did away with PK... And the morts stopped killing each other.

On the sixth day, we made the mobs come to life so the world was not so dreary and boring.

On the seventh day, we thought players should have a lot of fun with Quests, so we created ways to let Immortals run quests a lot easier... And that was definitely good.

On the eighth day, we gave the world a face-lift and it looked new.

And then, on the ninth day (yes, we have nine, you'll get used to it) we added a lot more... Then we slept for about 40 hours straight. And we spoke the words, and you came forth to multiply... And kill mobs.

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