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No Reality

Clans are a very important part of No Reality. Not only do they bring people together to to help them through the game, but they also create a sense of community in their members.

Currently, there are three clans in No Reality. Clan people -- if you would like more information or a personal page for your clan, please let us know!

The Clan of Romani

The famed sea gypsies have roamed the land of Erehwon for many, mnay years. Stories of their fierce loyalty to each other and the wonders hidden within their galleon can be heard whispered in every tavern. But who can know for certain? For the Romani protect their secrets as they protect each other.

The Dragon's Tears

The Dragon's Tears clan is a group of individuals dedicated to maintaining the delicate balance of power in the world. In their wisdom, they have come to realize that beings of all races, being good, evil, and neutral, must be present to acheive and hold that equilibrium.

Thus, anyone is welcome to petition for membership to the clan and join in the eternal struggle to balance out the world, that it might continue as it always has.

The Eaters of the Dead

The bizarre group known as the Eaters of the Dead have roamed this world longer than most would like to think. The stories of their evil and their treachery have spread from city to city. Though, most of these stories are far from the truth of what their lives had entailed, thus creating even more hatred towards all the over privileged people of the world.

Nobody really knows these that are called "Eaters", yet they are scared for their attack can come from anywhere and at anytime. This group has much to prove to those that underestimate them, and will stop at nothing until they are fully accepted into society.

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