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No Reality

It is now time to connect to the mud! You can visit the mud clients page and you can also find help on connecting to No Reality.

This web page will guide you through connecting and creating a character for No Reality. If at any time you need help on an option, refer to this page.

  1. Color Selection

    First you will be prompted as to whether or not you would like ANSI color.

    Would you like ANSI color (Y/n/?)?

    This means that text sent to you will be different colors. Most mud clients support this, however there are a few that do not. All of the mud clients listed on our mud clients page support ANSI color.

    If you are unsure, type ? and a test line will appear to help you make a choice.

  2. Account Name

    Next, a greeting screen will appear. It will contain a picture of either a wizard, fire, or some fish. The screen you get is random and you may get a different one each time you connect to No Reality.

    At the bottom of your screen, you will see a prompt asking for your account name. If you are a new player, enter the account name that you would like to use.

    Account name (? for help):

    We have a random name generator if you cannot think of an account name that you like. Just type random to activate it.

  3. Account Password

    You will then be prompted to enter a password for your account. Try to follow these guidelines when choosing a password:

    • Do not use a password that you have used elsewhere.
    • Do not use a piece of information that may be common knowledge about you (your real name, birthdate, etc).
    • Use a combination of letters and numbers.
    • Use upper and lower case characters.

    You will be prompted to enter your password a second time to verify that it was entered correctly.

  4. MOTD

    You have created an account! The MUD's (M)essage (O)f (T)he (D)ay will then appear. This provides you with knowledge that the staff feels you need to know. Please read it and then hit enter.

  5. Account Menu -- Create a Character

    Now you should be at the account menu. There will be many options here but you will want to create a character first.

    Type C to begin creating a character.

  6. Character Name

    You will be asked to enter your character's name. Again, if you cannot think of a name, you may use the random name generator by typing random as your name.

    Once you have decided on a good name for your character, you will be asked to confirm your choice.

  7. Race

    Now you will choose your character's race. We have a very diverse selection and each race is different so choose carefully.

    You can read about No Reality's races on our races page.

    When you choose a race, you will be presented with information about that race and then asked to confirm your choice. Please read over the information to be sure this is the race that you want because it cannot be changed later.

  8. Attributes

    At this point in the creation process you will be given the option to take the default attributes or roll your own. Either way, you will always have a total attribute score of 68 when you start.

    To accept the default attributes type default, to roll new ones type roll.

  9. Gender

    Now choose the gender that you want your character to be. You may select Male, Female or Neutral.

    What is your gender (M/F/N)?

  10. Class

    Here you choose your character's class, or job.

    More information can be obtained at our classes page

    After choosing a class, you will be presented with detailed information about your class and then asked to confirm your choice.

  11. Alignment

    Now you will choose your character's starting alignment. This only means that you will start out with this alignment, it can change in the game.

    You may be good, neutral or evil. Your alignment will effect how much experience you get for each kill. For example, if you fight good mobs and you are evil aligned, you will get better exp than if you were good aligned fighting other good mobs.

  12. Customizing

    It is strongly recomended that you not costomize your character unless you are an expereance player for the amount of experiance requrired to level is determaned by the amount of character points that you have at creation.

    Each class has a diffrent list of skills and spells to chose from on the customize list to add skills to you character type (add skill name/spell name. To remove a spell or skill type drop skill or spell name. To list the skills and spells your character posesses type learned. To list all avalable skills to your class type list

    When you are satisfied with your character type done.

  13. Mud Experience

    You will then be asked about your previous mudding experience.

    If you have never played muds before, choose 1.

    Experienced mudders that are new to No Reality should choose 2.

    Returning reality-haters should choose 3.

  14. Confirming Your Character
  15. Now you can review your choices during creation and decide if you want to keep the character or not.

    If you want to keep the character, type yes and you will be sent into the game. If you choose not to keep your character, you will start over and be prompted for a new name.

The rest of this guide will be posted later!

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