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No Reality

Special Credits for No Reality

Erwin S. Andreasen, N'atas-Ha, Kahn, Newt, Jaggy, Blade, Larry Fagan (Terror), Gabrielle and Walker of Enuph MUD, Annie, Rick (Wub's brother), Tzigana, Gigi, Zeb and everyone at Voyager, Kether, Keebler, Jaey, Turtle, Luc and of course all of the Imms at No Reality!

The original DikuMUD Creators

Katja Nyboe, Tom Madsen, Hans Henrik Staerfeldt, Michael Seifert and Sebastian Hammer

The Creators of Merc 2.1

Hatchet, Furey and Kahn

The Creators of ROM

Russ Taylor and Gabrielle Taylor

Copyright © No Reality 1996-2009