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No Reality

The Immortals in No Reality are those that help to run the game. They are the coders, the questmasters and the creators of the world. They try to keep the game running smoothly and provide No Reality's players with the most enjoyable MUD ever!

Implementors (level 108)
WubHead Programmer, Builder and
YadarraHead Builder and Game

Deities (level 105)
SarklyssProgramming and

Immortals (level 104)
RhuliQuestmaster and
MikeyQuestmaster and
JesterBuilderno e-mail

Arch-Angels (level 103)
YvetteBuilder and mini-mama!no e-mail
KristalDreamBuilder and
QuiverBuilder and Wiggler!no e-mail

Angels (level 102)
PawnGrumpyno e-mail
ReverendHis Holiness, the Builderno e-mail
HigginsProfessor Builderno e-mail

Retired: Gladius, Dimitrius, Ashe, Cassius, Blacktar, Queezowl, Cyber, Luc, Polly, Garr, Dalin, Mrmoonlight, Wyndon, Keebler, Spud, Runt, Ekhart, Ged.

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