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No Reality

No Reality currently has nine races. Click on the name of a race to jump to a more detail description.

Race          Description
Human  The most common, versitile race. Rather good at everything.
Elf  Tall, quick and innately talented with magic.
Dwarf  Stout, sturdy and very wise.
Giant  Very large, solid and dull-minded.
Drow  Wise, stealthy, dark-elves devoted to their dark goddess.
Pixie  Quick, tiny and always airborne. Deeply rooted in magic.
Gnome  Smart inventors, thinkers and philosophers.
Orc  Large, slow-witted brutes.
Kender  Small and quick child-like creatures with sticky fingers.


Humans are the most common race in the world, and make up the majority of adventurers. Although they have no special talents like the other races, they are more versatile, being skilled in all four classes. Humans may also train their primary stat higher than any other race, and are able to gain more benefit from magical devices.

Racial skills:none
Immune to:none
Resistant to:none
Vulnerable to:none


Dwarves are short, stocky demi-humans, known for foul temper and great stamina. Dwarves have high strength and constitution, but poor dexterity. They are not as smart as humans, but are usually wiser due to their long lifespans. Dwarves make excellent fighters and priests, but are very poor mages or thieves.

Dwarves are very resistant to poison and disease, but cannot swim, and so are very vulnerable to drowning. They recieve the berserk skill for free (if warriors), and can see in the dark with infravision.

Racial skills:infravision and berserk (warrior only)
Immune to:none
Resistant to:poison and disease
Vulnerable to:drowning


Elves are slightly taller than humans, but have a much lighter build. They lack the strength and stamina of the other races, but are for more agile, both in body and mind. Elves are superb mages and thieves, but have at best fair talent as warriors or priests.

Elves resist charm spells most effectively, due to their magical nature. However, they are burned by the touch of iron, and so are barred from the use of iron or steel in their adventuring careers. Elves are notoriously hard to spot, and so elven warriors and thieves recieve the sneak and hiding automatically. They may see in the dark with infravision.

Racial skills:infravision, sneak and hide
Immune to:none
Resistant to:charm
Vulnerable to:iron


Giants are the largest of the races, ranging from 9-12 feet in height. They are stronger than any other race, and almost as durable as the dwarves. They aren't too bright, however, and their huge size makes them more clumsy than the other races. Giants make the best warriors of any race, but are ill-suited for any other profession.

Giants resist heat and cold with nary a mark, due to their huge mass. However, their slow minds make them extremely vulnerable to mental attacks. Giants, due to their size and stamina, receive the fast healing and bash skills for free. (Only giant warriors recive bash).

Racial skills:fast healing and bash (warrior only)
Immune to:none
Resistant to:fire and cold
Vulnerable to:mental and lightning


Drow are a lot like elves, but have darker skin and tend to be evil. They also tend to be wiser than their elven counterparts but not quite as good at combat magics. Drow are very good clerics, due due to their devotion to their dark goddess.

Drow resist charming thanks to their elven ancestors. These shady elves also excel in art of stealth with hiding and sneaking. Also, they are able to see in the dark with infravision because they spend much of their life in caves.

Racial skills:infravision, sneak and hide
Immune to:none
Resistant to:charm
Vulnerable to:iron and light


Pixies are a race rooted deep in magic. They are resistant to magic other than their own but are very vulnerable to the cold because they are so tiny.

Pixies tend to be very smart, wise and dexterous. They are always flying and are able to move very quickly, dodging their opponent's attacks. Pixies hold the secret of pixie dust that they use to make themselves invisible and put others to sleep. They make excellent mages and thieves, decent clerics, but terrible warriors.

Racial skills:fly, dodge, hide and pixie dust
Immune to:none
Resistant to:charm and magic
Vulnerable to:cold


Gnomes tend to be very smart inventors, thinkers and philosiphers. They are good at just about all magics and tend to be well educated in the lore of the world.

Gnomes are resistant to mental attacks and drown easily. They make especially good clerics and mages. It is possible for a gnome to survive as a thief, but it isn't seen often. Gnomes are awful warriors.

Racial skills:lore
Immune to:none
Resistant to:mental
Vulnerable to:drowning


Orcs are quite large, brutish creatures that are very good at fighting, but poor at anything else. They are resistant to bashing and cold but vulnerable to fire and mental attacks.

As said before, Orcs are almost always warriors. They are incredibly strong and have very high constitution. They're not very smart, however and about as foolish as one can get. Orcs are better at dealing damage than most and they are also able to heal faster. Due to their savage nature, they are able to become so enranged during combat that they go berserk. Orcs are also very good at hand to hand combat.

Racial skills:infravision, fast healing, enhanced damage, berserk and corpse eating
Immune to:none
Resistant to:bash and cold
Vulnerable to:fire and mental


Kender are a small, child-like race that make absolutely astounding thieves. Don't let them catch you calling them a thief, though! Kender are chronic kleptomaniacs. They just don't know it.

Kender can see in the dark with infravision because they normally live in the forest. They are also able to detect hidden things. Kender are incredibly resistant to magic. So much so that they are unable to become mages.

Racial skills:detect hidden, infravision, sneak and "sticky fingers"
Immune to:none
Resistant to:magic
Vulnerable to:none

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